DoctorOnTap.com can offer 24 hour telephone and email support service for all your medical question. Our qualified doctors are USA trained but live in the Philippines. This enables you to get qualified and skilled doctors with international training but at an affordable price.

Having a Doctor on Tap means you can put our phone number on speed dial. Although it’s not recommended as an emergency service, if an emergency you should always call 911. However Doctor on tap can help with many other non-emergency issues you may have 24 hours a day.

Our service is convenient as well as affordable. If you are signed up to a monthly plan then you can also send us your blood test results, x-rays and medical records for our doctors to interpret your results. This gives you easy access to our doctor 24 hours a day, no need to visit the doctor or wait for a doctor’sappointment to get your results. Now you can do it with DoctorOnTap.com