Q: Can your doctors write prescriptions?
A: No, our doctors are here to give you advice and help you understand your medical condition. It’s always advisable to seek a second opinion. Our doctors can suggest what medications to take but you are required to visit your own doctor for a prescription. Our doctors are here 24 hours a day for your peace of mind and convenience.

Q: Can your doctors receive my medical records?
A: If you are registered to a monthly plan then yes you can send your medical records via our secure upload service. Once signed up, you can send blood test results, MRI and x-Ray scans and our doctor can interpret your results anytime 24 hours a day this is great for understanding what you need to do next. Our doctors can advise you what medications to take or what diet or exercise plan you may need to do to make lifestyle changes.

Q: Do the Monthly plans require a yearly contract?
A: No all monthly plans are billed monthly and are ‘Pay as you go’ you can choose not to pay anytime, however no refunds can be given for any plan not used within that month.

Q: Are your doctors qualified?
A: Yes our doctors are USA qualified. Many of our doctors have attended universities across Europe and the USA for their training. Many doctors in the Philippines get their training abroad then come back to the Philippines to start their own practice. We retain nothing but the best doctors available; some doctors have their own practices and work with us part time to boost their income.

Q: Can I have the same doctor if I sign up?
A: It’s possible. Our doctor’s work on a rota so you call you can request to speak to a certain doctor. The doctor can inform you of his schedule so you know when to call. Or you can speak to any of our other doctors anytime 24 hours a day.

Q: Can my hours be rolled over for the following month?
A: No all hours are consumable only for that month, if you exceed the hours during that month we recommend that you upgrade your plan, You can upgrade and downgrade your plans at anytime

Q: Can I save my minutes left on the one hour call plan and call the doctor a second time?
A: The one hour call plan is a one-time use option it will need to be consumed during the one conversation you have with the doctor. If you or the doctor gets cut off for any reason don’t worry the doctor will call you back to complete your consultation and to ensure all your questions are answered before you hang up.