The doctor was able to help me understand my blood test results within 20 minutes I knew exactly what I needed to do; this indecently saved me a trip to the doctors in town the next day, lucky because I was busy with my son’s school activity. DoctorOnTap.com saved me time and money.

- Jean from California

After suffering back pain for so long I decided to get an X-Ray, after picking up my results I scanned and emailed DoctorOnTap.com my medical files, notes etc. I didn’t want to pay a fortune to find out from a local doctor. The Doctor at DoctorOnTap.com noticed that I had scoliosis which was easy for the doctor to notice based on my results. After some useful and reassuring advice the doctor has made me feel much better and much more informed about my condition. This was the best $17 I have ever spent. Thank you.

- Mike from Mississippi

Now I’m in my retirement, I have diabetes, high blood pressure and many things are going wrong with me. I decided to sign up to the Bronze service so I can call the doctor anytime. Im so glad I have this service on my speed dial, I have used them many times during the month and I have got to know my new doctor very well who is always willing to listen to my problems. Such a great service I can no longer live without.

- Andrew from Texas